Up Close and Personal

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Have you ever sat in the back of the Concert Hall and squinted trying to see all the talented musicians onstage? Now you can take a closer look! Photographer Scott Suchman photographed all of our musicians and the photos are newly framed and hung in the Concert Hall lobby. The work to complete this project began over a year ago when the new photos were taken and updated on our Meet the Musicians page. Each musician selected their favorite shot to be framed and, with the help of NSO bassoonist Steven Wilson, the photos were made ready for display!

Once we received our framed photos, we were ready to get to work! With so many musicians in the orchestra, we made a map for stage crew member Dave Langrell so he would know where to hang each photo.

Map to show the location of each photo.

From there, the photos were ready to be hung, and work began!

The completed project is ready for the new season!

The photos can be found on the left side of the Orchestra level as you enter the Concert Hall lobby. We hope you’ll stop by and take a look this season!

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