There’s no place like…a Young People’s Concert!

A pair of ruby slippers will take you home, but where do a pair of sparkly sneakers take you? Right to a Young People’s Concert at the NSO, of course!

Concert host and Principal Second Violin Marissa Regni models the sparkly shoes she wears for the performances.

This week the NSO is hosting over 10,000 local school children from Maryland, D.C., and Virginia for five performances of a Young People’s Concert.

School groups get seated before the performance begins.

Buses line up outside the Kennedy Center.

NSO Principal Second Violin Marissa Regni dons her sparkly shoes with conductor Michael Butterman to lead the NSO to the final frontier: space! The performance, called Reach for the Moon: John F. Kennedy’s Vision and Courage, explores different space-themed music.

Marissa wears some head gear that is out of this world!

From “Mars” from Holst’s The Planets to the main theme from Star Wars there’s something for all young earthlings to enjoy. We’re having a great time seeing so many young people in the Concert Hall!